New Sublimation Blank 2022

Sublimation Caricature Blank Price Sublimation Blank Caricature with psd 17 frames each design 1 pcs ₹ 140/- total ₹ 2380/- 17 frames each design 2 pcs ₹ 130/- total ₹ 4420/- 17 frames each design 4 pcs ₹ 100/- total ₹ 6800/-  Free Ship Ask for discount Sublimation Blank Magic Led Frame Sublimation Blank Magic Led  Size […]

Best Photo Editing Plugins

What is Photo Editing plugins? Plugin are addon to software its presets that help you do your work faster and save lot of getting same results going again again. Who use Photo Editing Plugins ? These photo editing tools are essentials for photographers, editors, graphic designers, sublimation gift shops, and personalized gift shops.  This Photo […]


Best Sublimation Caricature Blank 2021

Best Sublimation Caricature Blank 2021

What is Caricature ? A caricature is a created image exploring the features of its character in a simplified or exaggerated way through sketching, pencil strokes, or through other artistic drawings. Caricatures can be made for hurt feelings or complementary and can serve a political purpose or be drawn solely for fun and entertainment. How […]

Images And Files Download

Sublimation Rakhi image and files download links OKSR01 to OKSR12 OKSR13 TO OKSR24 OKSR25 TO OKSR36 OKSR37 TO OKSR45 Photoshop file sublimation rakhi blank Magnetic Rakhi Images Magnetic Rakhi Photoshop file Basic Sublimation Rakhi Sublimation Caricature Rakhi Template 3d Rakhi Image and file download   Designer Rakhi image and files download links DR01 T0 DR20 […]

Best Sublimation Rakhi or Photo Rakhi 2020

Whats is Sublimation Rakhi Photo Rakhi? Sublimation Rakhi or Photo Rakhi is rakhi that can be printed with sublimation printer, sublimation paper with help of heat press machine or any flat bed heat press.  Material used for Sublimation Rakhi Photo Rakhi? In market different different sublimation rakhi available Wooden or MDF, Metal, Sublimation MDF, Polymer […]

Best Sublimation Photo Frames Images 2021

What is sublimation photo Frames ? Sublimation Photo frames are generally made of MDF or Medium Density Fiber Board. Huge variety of MDF available in market but in Osiyankart we are using Pine MDF one the best in market available they expensive and local MDF but they are great with quality and we don’t want […]

Mobiwash Mobile Sanitizer

Best Mobiwash Mobile Sanitizer 2020

Best Mobiwash Mobile Sanitizer 2020

Care mobile, laptops, computers and gaming consoles Mobiwash Mobile Sanitizer Mobiwash is a mobile phone sanitizer that cleanses mobile phones by removing bacteria and other germs present on it upto 99.9%. In addition to this, it also removes stains and dust from your phone with just a single wipe. The germs present on your phone […]

Sublimation Mask

Best Sublimation Mask

Best Sublimation Mask

Easy Printable Sublimation Mask Due to COVID19 lots of worse things were seen and felt that scared our souls. Life has stopped and we are locked in our home. Everyday we hear thousands of new cases coming even our doctors, nurses, and hospital staff fighting to save and risking their lives. We never thought of […]