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Covid 2019

COVID 2019 Lockdown offer

Lockdown Offer

Offer Till 3rd May 2020

I believe in Miracles of Faith so will win over COVID 2019 just have faith

Hi hoping all are doing well in COVID 2019 lockdown phase. We should pray for those souls who are departed from us so that rest in peace. Please follow rules and regulation to be safe and healthy and stay home.

Benefits of COVID 2019 Lockdown

Some people think its sarcasm  what I am saying but truly I believe its opportunity to explore and learn lot form the world. This is the time when you can be child once again do what you like most. learn music, dance, read, write, cook, love your family don’t be dishearten see you got time do this all from your busy schedule.

I have learned to make website from scratch now making blog and open eCommerce website  where you can purchase personalized gift for your love one after lock down for a smile that you always wanted to see.

Business Hampers due to COVID 2019

We understand huge business loss I have huge loss may be it will take months to cover up but as I said believe in miracles of faith. With that note we offering some offers running for are all clients to get some boost work on.

Osiyan Enterprises Sublimation Frames offer
Purchase Sublimation Frames worth Rs 5000 above below 10000 mdf product of 5% Free
Purchase Sublimation Frames worth Rs 10000 above below 15000 mdf product of 10% Free
Purchase Sublimation Frames worth Rs 15000 above below 25000 mdf product of 15% Free

Purchase Sublimation Frames worth Rs 25000 above below 50000 mdf product of 20% Free

Purchase Sublimation Frames worth Rs 50000 above below 100000 mdf product of 25% Free

Purchase Sublimation Frames worth Rs 100000 above  flat 30% mdf product of 30% Free

You Can contact us at 9810085247

Offer valid till 17th May 2019 order will be dispatched on first payment basis. Minimum deposit will 50% rest before shipment.

No Cushion, Mugs, paper and ink in this offer only sublimation frames, led frames, keychains and rakhi in this offer

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