Pink Neon Love Lights


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Pink Neon Love Lights are amazing this Neon Lights Add glitz and glamour to your interiors with this neon pink light tube with the word ‘love’. These dreamy lights are the perfect way to add a style to your room and to create your own space in your house, adding a unique touch that will be loved by one and all.  The cute and modern art work design is also an alternative solution for your kids bedroom that they will love

Application Pink Neon Love Lights

Perfect for home décor, wall art, store front design party decorations. Add something special to the atmosphere for events such as birthday, Christmas, Valentine’s day, proposals, dinner parties, performances, weddings or any party. Just looking at the sign’s bright lights can inspire and uplift your mood. **Can be combined with the other signs to add effect*

Pink Neon Love Lights come with

  • Love Neon Light
  • Color: White plastic tube glows pink when turned on
  • Material: Plush Soft Flannel Filled with Cotton
  • Size: 35 Cm x 15 Cm x 4 Cm
  • Weight: 1 Kg
  • With Power Adaptor



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