Best Sublimation Photo Frames Images 2021

What is sublimation photo Frames ?

Sublimation Photo frames are generally made of MDF or Medium Density Fiber Board. Huge variety of MDF available in market but in Osiyankart we are using Pine MDF one the best in market available they expensive and local MDF but they are great with quality and we don’t want to compromise with quality. Sublimation Frame individual images click here

Color Texture of Sublimation Photo Frames

In general we have seen people use local MDF with spray paint or stick vinyl sheet front side and back side blank as MDF natural color. But here we in Osiyankart we use Pine MDF with lamination both side to strength, great look and easy to clean as it become water resistance. It fell like we have paste thin mica over it. 

That make us unique in market and our sublimation frames looks elegant, eye catchy and premium over other frames.

We have three texture available Flower Wenge, Mahagony and Baverian Beach

Sublimation Photo Frames Texture


Size and Thickness of Sublimation photo Frames

Size of frames depends on what you order we have more that 300 plus sublimation photo frames so size starts from 6 x 6 inches to 24 x 36 inches.

our photo frames comes with minimum 5 mm thickness and upto 18 mm thickness. Our major products comes with 5 mm rather 3.5 mm that available market that makes us bit expensive. 

Sublimation MDF for sublimation photo frames

We are using German quality Subli M board no cheap Chinese board. Thick of sublimation MDF is 3.5 mm plus glossy finish super print quality and life long print. 

Price For Sublimation Photo Frames

Price vary from size, design, sublimation MDF used and many other factors. As we manufacture of sublimation MDF frames we also sell blank products. For blank sublimation photo frames click here.

For Printed Product visit our Home Page

Images for sublimation Photo frames OKF001 to OKF020

Images for sublimation Photo frames OKF021 to OKF040

Images for sublimation Photo frames OKF041 to OKF060

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